Joining and Sealing Precast Concrete

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The primary purpose of adding sealant to the joints of precast concrete is to establish an extra layer of protection between the blocks or segments. This will prevent water or dirt from entering a construction joint. Common structures requiring joint sealants are catch basins, culverts, manholes, sumps, and trenches. Liquids take the joints of concrete […]

Key Considerations in Pre-Cast Concrete Crack Injection

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When it comes to pre-cast concrete structures, durability and strength are essential. However, even the most robust structures can experience damage over time due to weathering, impacts, and other factors. Thus, it is vital to assess the damage and determine the most appropriate repair method to restore the structure to its original strength and stability. […]

Step-by-Step Manhole Rehabilitation

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Manholes are an essential component of an area’s sewage system, serving as maintenance access points and providing structural support for the pipes. They are also crucial to the system’s proper operation, allowing for wastewater collection, transport, and treatment. However, manholes can deteriorate and become damaged over time. The most common causes of manhole damage are […]

Horizonal Drilling and Hyperflex Grout

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To install a pipeline underneath an interstate, a horizontal directional drill was used. However, the drilling discovered that the area consisted of large voids / karst zones. The pipeline itself needs to have a solid foundation to rest on. To fill the voids, polyurethane grout was injected into the problem areas. The grout used was […]

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SealGuard II Polyurethane Grout Injection to Stop Water

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The seam on this dam tunnel was actively leaking water.  SealGuard II, a dual component polyurethane grout, was injected into the leak path to seal the water flow.  With just a drill, a dual component caulking gun, and some SealGuard II, a water leak of up to 50 gallons per minute can be stopped.  SealGuard […]

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Concrete Floor Seeping Water

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This new construction concrete floor was leaking ground water at a joint.  Polyurethane grout was pressure injected through mechanical packers to seal off the flow.  The grout was Hyperflex, a single component moisture activated material that is manufactured by SealGuard, Inc.  Hyperflex is pre-catalyzed and in NSF-61 approved for potable water.  The grouting was done […]

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Water Traveling Along a De-Watering Pipe in a Hard Rock Mine

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  The picture on the left is water traveling down the outside of de-watering pipe in a hard rock mine.  The picture on the right is after the annulus of the pipe was injected with polyurethane grout to control the unwanted groundwater infiltration.  This high-pressure injection of grout was able to stop the water in […]

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Earthen Dam Repair

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Earthen dams losing water can be injected with polyurethane grout to seal the leak paths.  Here holes were drilled along the crest of the dam which enabled lances to be inserted.  The lances were then hooked up to a pump and injected with Hyperflex.  Hyperflex is a single component polyurethane grout that is moisture activated.  […]

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Creek Draining into Abandoned Mine Creating AMD

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This dry creek bed was created by the water draining into an abandoned mine below.  Not only was this creating a dried-up creek, but the water also leaving the mine at another location was creating acid mine drainage.  To prevent the water from entering the mine, the creek bed was injected with polyurethane grout.  The […]

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