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  1. Tunnel Passing Through Fault Zone helped with Polyurethane Injection

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    The polyurethane grout, SealGuard II, was needed to mine forward in this tunnel.  The tunnel was in a fault zone, and all the voids were to be filled with concrete.  However, when injected, the concrete leaked out of the face.  To contain the concrete, polyurethane grout was injected to provide a buffer. SealGuard II reacts is about 3 seconds and produces a rigid foam (900 PSI compression strength).  With the concrete contained in its intended location, advancing was able to commence. SealGuard II is manufactured by SealGuard, Inc. and the grouting was performed by Sub-Technical, Inc.




  2. Horizonal Drilling and Hyperflex Grout

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    To install a pipeline underneath an interstate, a horizontal directional drill was used. However, the drilling discovered that the area consisted of large voids / karst zones. The pipeline itself needs to have a solid foundation to rest on. To fill the voids, polyurethane grout was injected into the problem areas. The grout used was Hyperflex, manufactured by SealGuard, Inc. Hyperflex reacts with the moisture in the ground which creates an expanding foam to provide a solid base for the pipeline. Hyperflex is NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 for contact with potable water. The grouting was done by Sub-Technical, Inc.

    Horizontal Directional Drilling and Void Filling with Polyurethane Grout.