HyperFlex is a highly versatile single component, pre-catalyzed hydrophobic polyurethane grout. Because it is pre-catalyzed there is none of the guesswork and expense of field mixing catalyst; simply adjust the temperature of the HyperFlex container to vary your reaction time. Since it is a hydrophobic material shrinking will not be an issue like it can be with hydrophilic materials. Hyperflex is NSF-ANSI-CAN 61 approved for contact with potable water.


  • Low or high-pressure crack injection
  • Barrel joint repair
  • Annulus grouting
  • Underwater leak sealing

HyperFlex is a slower-reacting product than our SealGuard II and works well in weeping or low-flow leaks. The slower reaction and lower viscosity allow the material to travel further before the reaction, allowing for better penetration and coverage within the leaking substrate. Once cured, HyperFlex will form a permanent, non-shrinking seal against further leaks.

  • Packaging: 300 ml Caulk Tube
  • Transport: USDOT Unregulated Class 55
  • Storage: Product is moisture sensitive and should be stored at 60-70⁰. Product should not be exposed to the atmosphere until application. Avoid contact with moisture.

Always read SDS before use.

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