Technical Information for Water Sealant

Below is all the technical information you’ll need for using our products select the link to one of the categories for more information.

General Resources

A Guide to Water Control

Tools, Accessories, Materials & How to Use Them

Polyurethane Grouts; Terms and Definitions

Cements vs. Polyurethane Grout

Polyurethane Chemical Resistance

SealGuard II

Technical Data Sheet SealGuard II

SDS Sheet

User Manual

Solving a Leak in a Corner

Low Pressure Injection using SealGuard II

Sheet Pile Water Control

Pipe Intrustion Sealing

High Flow Leak

Leaking Roof Bolts

Shaft Liner Solutions

Case Study: Manhole Repair Along River

SealGuard-II A-B-H20-Stop-1

SealGuard-II Instructions for Use

HyperFlex Resources

Technical Data Sheet HyperFlex

SDS Hyperflex

Low Pressure Crack Injections

High Pressure Crack Injection

Underwater Crack Repair

Curtain Grout using Soil Rods

Leaking Barrel Joint / Lateral Boot

Concrete Crack Injection / Precast Joint

Joining and Sealing Pre-Cast Concrete Sections using HyperFlex

Solving a Leak in a Corner

Casement Pipe Grouting


Earthen Dam Repair

Mining Seal Repair

Orphan Bore Hole Sealing

Case Study: Ground Consolidation

Case Study: Pump Station Crack Injection

Case Study: Ground Stabilization Rotary Kiln

Case Study: Leaking Swimming Pool

Case Study: Shaft Grouting Coal Mine

Case Study: Water Control Coal Tunnel Powerplant


Technical Data Sheet X-Seal

SDS X-Seal

X-Seal Instructions for Use

Video Demonstrations