SealGuard II

SealGuard II is highly reactive dual component hydrophobic polyurethane with a 1 to 3 second reaction time. It is designed to stop rapid (>50 gpm) water flows into concrete or other underground structures. SealGuard II is hydrophobic, so it will not shrink. Our patented check-valve in the static mixer allows a partially used tube set to be re-used.

Applications: High flow leaks which can be in excess of 50 gallons per minute in concrete, brick or stone structures.
Packaging: Dual 600 ml 1:1 Caulk Tubes Transport: USDOT Unregulated Class 55
Storage: Product is moisture sensitive and should be stored at 60-70⁰. Product should not be exposed to the atmosphere until application.
Always read SDS before use.

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