About SealGuard Hydrophobic Polyurethane Injection Grout

SealGuard Inc. is a manufacturer of polyurethane grouting products used for water control and the sealing and adhesion of precast concrete sections and other structures. We are a subsidiary of Sub-Technical Inc., an industry leading grouting contractor in the fields of ground and water control using polyurethanes. They have built their reputation for innovation and effectiveness over the course of 900 successful projects spanning the past 15 years. Over the course of those many projects our products were developed and refined to the point that they are unmatched in quality, efficiency and simplicity. Also along the way, our family of companies has developed a knack for innovation, with SealGuard having obtained patent protection in the US, Europe, and Australia/ New Zealand for our check valve mixer that allows for the re-use of a partially used tube set while keeping urethane from reacting out of the back of the mixer onto the operator. Most recently, Sub-Technical was awarded a US Patent on October 2010 for inventing a new and highly effective method of dealing with Karstic terrain, one of the most vexing problems faced by miners and tunnelers everywhere.

SealGuard was formed in 2004 to manufacture and distribute our proprietary formulations to end users in the wastewater, mining, civil and construction industries, among others. We felt then that offering a small number of highly versatile products to our customers was far preferable to offering a large number of highly specialized ones that could be used only in specific narrow applications. The result of this philosophy is our current product line which number just three products.

SealGuard II is dual component hydrophobic polyurethane with a 1 to 3 second reaction time and is designed to stop extremely fast flowing water in excess of 50 gallons per minute.

HyperFlex is pre-catalyzed, hydrophobic polyurethane with an average 30 to 60 second reaction time and is intended for the control of slower flowing water, void filling and crack injection.

X-Seal is a single component hydrophobic polyurethane sealant and adhesive for use in joining and sealing pre-cast concrete sections, manhole components and as a general construction adhesive/sealant.

We can confidently state that all three products work as advertised not because of lab testing or what the technical data says, but because these products have been used successfully for years in the field in a myriad of different conditions and applications. Second in importance only to the quality and utility of our products is our commitment to fast, common sense technical support. Our web-site is designed so that our clients can access information on applications, industries and troubleshooting tips quickly, and in an easy to understand format. For those issues that require more personalized attention, you may call on our staff, which includes an engineer, a chemist and a geologist, and has over 120 years of combined practical experience in the use of polyurethanes in a nearly limitless variety of conditions and applications.

Our promise to you, our customer, is that we will not let your water sealing project fail, no matter the size of complexity.

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