Technical Data Sheet SealGuard II

Dual component, highy reactive, early strength, water control grout.

For high flowing water control and I & I applications in manholes, vaults, and other concrete brick or stone structures above or below grade. Will stop up to 50 gallons per minute.


  • Extremely fast reacting
  • Rapid sealing
  • High early strength
  • Will inject into the finest of fractures
  • Will not wash out
  • Patented backflow prevention

Do not crush containers.
Avoid contact with moisture.
Store under 80 degrees.

600 ml Tubes
5 Gallon pail
55 Gallon drum


U.S.D.O.T Unregulated Class 55

Shelf Life
2 Year minimum in unopenened containers.

Uncured Physical Properties

-200 F (shrinkage) 0% 1 day ASTM D-2126
Viscosity @ 680 F 200 cps A - Side 300 cps B - Side
Specific Gravity @ 600 F 1.23 A - Side 1.04 B - Side
% Solids 100%

Cured Material Properties

Density (Free Rise) 08 PCF ASTM D-1622
Compressive 900 psi ASTM D-1621
Tensile 200 psi ASTM D-638
Shear 190 psi ASTM D-732

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