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  1. Earthen Dam Repair

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    Earthen dams losing water can be injected with polyurethane grout to seal the leak paths.  Here holes were drilled along the crest of the dam which enabled lances to be inserted.  The lances were then hooked up to a pump and injected with Hyperflex.  Hyperflex is a single component polyurethane grout that is moisture activated.  Hyperflex is also NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 approved for contact with potable water.  This method is less invasive and more cost effective than tradition repair methods.  Grouting was performed by grouting contractor Sub-Technical, Inc.

  2. Creek Draining into Abandoned Mine Creating AMD

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    This dry creek bed was created by the water draining into an abandoned mine below.  Not only was this creating a dried-up creek, but the water also leaving the mine at another location was creating acid mine drainage.  To prevent the water from entering the mine, the creek bed was injected with polyurethane grout.  The grout, Hyperflex, sealed off the leak paths and will help keep the water on the surface.  Hyperflex is a single component, moisture activated material that is NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 approved for potable water.  Hyperflex is manufactured by SealGuard, Inc. and was installed by grouting contractor Sub-Technical, Inc.