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Leaking Buried Fiberglass Tank

By Bill on 12-16-2015

SealGuard received a call asking if our products would fix a leaking fiberglass tank - in the event you have that question, here is the answer: YES! Instructions below.

Note: If the leak has been in place for a long period of time, the leak may have caused a large void to open up underneath the tank. More SealGuard material may have to be pumped into the void space before the leak will stop.

1. Tap the fiberglass tank with a light metal tool around the area of the leak and listen for any hollow sounds, indicating a lack of support beneath the tank floor and walls due to the creation of a void from the leaking water.

2. Tap the fiberglass tank and determine the extent of the void space and mark for future reference.

3. Drill two holes at each end of the crack and inject SealGuard II until the SealGuard starts to come out of the crack or until you cannot pump anymore material into the holes.

4. If the leak does not stop, find the farthest point of the annular space or a minimum of 8 inches from the crack on the floor and the sidewall, directly in the middle of the original two holes.

5. Fill the two new holes with SealGuard II until the material starts to come out of the crack or until you cannot pump anymore SealGuard into the crack.

6. Remove any excess cured foam after the foam has started to set up.

7. If required due to the size of the void space, drill holes into the tank to inject additional SealGuard II material for structural support and to fill the void space.

8. When the leak has stopped, dry the area off, sand and prep the area, then install a new fiberglass patch over the crack to permanently seal the area from future leaks.

Note: The SealGuard II material will provide a structural support for the tank in the void that the water created from leaking into the tank. This will stabilize the tank and aid in providing support to the tank. If the void is not filled, future damage may result from the weight of any liquids added to the inside of the tank.

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