SealGuard Inc Polyurethane Grout ISO 9001
Stop Water I&I

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15 minutes, including set up"

X-Seal Leak Sealant

X-Seal is a hydrophobic polyurethane sealant and adhesive. It forms a tenacious bond between porous surfaces such as concrete, brick and wood. X-Seal's primary use is as an adhesive and sealant in the joints between pre-cast concrete sections and riser rings in manhole applications. X-Seal is also an excellent general construction adhesive and sealant and can be used to join virtually any porous surface with a hermetic, watertight sealing.


  • The sealing and adhesion of pre-cast concrete sections
  • Sealing rubber composite and metal manhole riser rings and manhole covers

X-Seal is non-shrinking and provides at least a 15 minute working time. It reacts with water and has a variable reaction time, depending on the temperature of the X-Seal, the substrate and the air. Once cured it will provide a permanent seal that will pass a vacuum test. X-Seal is NSF 61 approved for contact with potable water.

  • Packaging: 300 ml Caulk Tube or 8 oz bottle
  • Transport: USDOT Unregulated Class 55
  • Storage: Product is moisture sensitive and should be stored at 60-70⁰. Product should not be exposed to the atmosphere until application. Avoid contact with moisture.

Always read MSDS before use.

X-Seal 12 X-Seal 12

Part# X-Seal 12

Contains Twelve 300ml X-Seal tubes and 12 six inch injection nozzles. Requires ½ inch drill bit (in most cases).

X-Seal 6 X-Seal 6

Part# X-Seal6

Contains Six 300ml X-Seal tubes and 6 six inch injection nozzles. Requires ½ inch drill bit (in most cases).