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Testimonials for our Polyurethane Grouts

Bill Barnhart, Glendale Yearound Sewer Company

"...products worked exceptionally well. We like SealGuard II kits for manhole repairs. The service is fast and efficient. Eric and Homer are excellent resources for repair advice."

May - 2016
Glendale Yearound, Pennsylvania

David Pozger, Authority Manager/Greenfield Township Municipal Authority

"I have reordered twice since I started using SealGuard. It is nice that there is a product that can be used by in house personnel without going to expense of hiring outside contractors. The cost of manhole repair using SealGuard is a fraction of what I have spent in the past. The staff at SealGuard is friendly and responsive. Delivery of product is fast and help is there when you need it."

September - 2015
Greenfield Township, Pennsylvania

Rick Schooley, Center Sanitary Sewer System Manager

"We have been astonished by the way that your product (SealGuard II) has performed for us here at Leesburg. Since January of 2004 we have officially dedicated a 2 man crew to do our manhole grouting. We are taking advantage of the ability to grout the leaks when we find them and are having tremendous success. In the past we were contracting out the grouting of our manholes, and I can recall more than once when you finally get the contractor there, 40% of the leaks has stopped. After experiencing that a few times, and having the Acrylimide grout material that they were using fail on a number of manholes, we decided to start searching for a material that we could use, and offered the results that we needed. This is how we come across your company, and it is with great pleasure to say that this product and your company have restored our hopes in the grouting industry. The following shows some statistics that we have been tracking since we started with your product: January 2004 to present, we have grouted 186 manholes, stopped 531 gallons of infiltration and used 230 manhours in the process. Our calculations are 531 gallons per minute x 24 hour period is 764,640 thousand gallons of infiltration stopped, Our plant capacity is 4.5 mgd, and if you do the math it will show we have reclaimed 17% of our plants capacity."

July - 2015
Town of Leesburg, Virginia

Ray Moorman, Utility Crew Supervisor/Moon Township Municipal Authority

"After years of working with water plug products that required installation of nipples to channel the flow and frustrating long hours of labor per manhole, it is nice to see a product that works quickly and efficiently..."

July - 2015
Moon Township Municipal Authority, Moon PA

Tom Head, Equipment Operator: Waste Water Collection

"John came to Branson, MO. and did a demo on SealGuard II. The city had a manhole by a creek and was leaking around the pipe coming into the manhole. John went into the manhole and drilled a series of holes around and pumped this product into the holes. As he was applying the product you could watch the water stop leaking. He sealed up the leak and stopped the infiltration. Recently after a big rain storm we checked on the manhole to see if it was leaking and water was coming out of the ground around the manhole but the manhole was not leaking. Good job John!"

May - 2015
City of Branson, Missouri

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