SealGuard Inc Polyurethane Grout ISO 9001
Stop Leak in Manhole I&I

"Fast, easy,
permanent repairs"

"Technical support was polite,
fast and accurate"

"SealGuard makes water control simple"
"This stuff works!"

"SealGuard II makes I & I remediation
cost effective, efficient and fast"

"SealGuard staff walked me through my project
step by step until I got the water stopped"

"X-Seal is a huge improvement over the mortar
we used before, it is so much faster and easier"

"We stopped a 50 gpm leak in about
15 minutes, including set up"

Technical Data Sheet X-Seal

Single component closed cell, pre-polymeric, hydrophobic, flexible, water sealant and adhesive.


Bonding of concrete/metal/plastic/wood.
Expands to fill void and seal all substrates.
Cracked or honeycombed concrete, expansion joints, cold joints and pipe intrusions.


  • Creates tenacious bond to any surface.
  • Closed cell structure creates hermetic seal (vac test)
  • Expansion fills voids.
  • Flexibility accommodates movement while maintaining seal.
  • Extremely simple to apply.

Maintain seal until ready for application.
Product is moisture sensitive.
Store less than 80 degrees.

300 ml Tubes
8 oz Bottles


Cured Material
U.S.D.O.T. Unregulated class 55

Shelf Life
2 year in unopened container.

Uncured Physical Properties

-20 (Shrinkage) 0% 1 day ASTMD-21126
[email protected]0F 375 cps
Specific Gravity 1.18
% Solids 100%
Color Amber
Solvents None


Density (Free Rise) 03 PCF Density (Confined) 50 PCF
Compressive 125 PSI Compressive 3500 PSI ASTMD-1622
Tensile 75 PSI Tensile 3600 PSI ASTMD-1621
Shear 50 PSI Shear 1760 PSI ASTMD-638
Elongation 40 % Elongation 9% ASTMD-3574

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