SealGuard Inc Polyurethane Grout

HyperFlex Leak Sealing Instructions

Low Pressure Crack or Barrel / Cold Joint Injection

  1. Using a ½ inch (or 12mm) masonry bit, drill at a 45 degree angle to intersect the leak path about halfway through the thickness of the substrate. For example, a 6" thick precast wall should be drilled so the leak path is intersected about 3" back. Drill every 12-18 inches along the length of the leaking area.
    • TIP: For uniform cracks such as cold joints, holes may all be drilled from the same angle. For non-uniform cracks, drill just on one side of the crack and then the other, to ensure the leak path is intersected.
  2. Flush hole and crack with water to flush out debris. Attach ½" nozzle to HyperFlex grout tube and push firmly into the pre-drilled holes.
  3. Pump gun to inject HyperFlex. Cease pumping when you get a show of material coming out of the leaking area. Move to the next hole and repeat.
    • TIP: If it appears the HyperFlex is washing out of the crack prior to reacting, "chink" the crack by using burlap or a similar material, pushing it into the crack using a putty knife or a screwdriver. This will keep the HyperFlex back in the crack system and give it time to react.
  4. Remove HyperFlex tube and injection nozzle from hole, leaving a bit of material behind to seal injection site. Push a rag or other like material into hole to keep foam from reacting outwards.
  5. Upon cure (foam will be dry and tack free) remove plugs from injection holes. If desired injection holes may be covered with hydraulic cement or other like material. This is optional.

Floor Crack Void Fill

  1. For cracks greater than 1/8 inch wide located in a concrete floor, there is no need to drill. Simply clean the crack to remove loose debris and introduce water. Run a generous bead of HyperFlex lengthwise along the crack. If desired, crack may be chinked with burlap, oakum or rags in order to hold the HyperFlex in the crack, resulting in a better seal.

Additional Application Tips

  • If material is reacting very slowly, heat tubes to at least 70 degrees in a bucket of hot water prior to use.
  • It is important that water be present for the reaction to take place. Make sure area to be grouted is wet.
  • For fast flowing leaks where HyperFlex washes out, it may be necessary to use SealGuard II Dual Component Urethane.

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