SealGuard Inc Polyurethane Grout

Curtain Grouting with Soil Rods and Chemical Grout

  1. Prior to beginning, verify and mark the locations of all underground utilities near the structure to be grouted.
  2. Using an impact wrench or sledgehammer drive soil rods down to the level at which leaking is taking place, usually at the cold or barrel joint. Most time there will be void areas as a result of leakage, you will feel them as you go as resistance will lessen when void is encountered. You may want to wrap duct or other tape around around holes at the end of soil rod to keep dirt from compacting inside the rod as it is driven into soil. Space rods 4 feet apart around the perimeter of the structure to be grouted.
  3. Pump HyperFlex into soil rods, stopping when you get a show of material on the inside of the structure or on the outside at ground level.
  4. Use of this technique is indicted when access to the interior walls is restricted.


Conduits may be sealed using SealGuard II and a rag, held up against the conduit entry to keep the SealGuard from reacting out. If necessary in the future the SealGuard can be cut out and additional wires, pipes, etc. run through. When complete, regrout.

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