SealGuard Inc Polyurethane Grout

Cements vs. Polyurethane Grout

Cement Polyurethane Grout
Bulky application equipment Simple application equipment
Delayed set times Adjustable set times to suit conditions
Limitations in flowability and fracture size As a viscous material, injection into the finest fractures
Final strength in days 90% cure in minutes or seconds
Poor performance in wet conditions Extremely effective in or around water
Shrinkage a problem upon cure (often requires re-application) Maintains positive pressure when cured
Very poor adhesive properties Excellent adhesion even in water
Often presents environmental problems Many of our formulations are NSF-61 approved for use in Potable Water
Susceptible to washout Will re-constitute even in flowing water
Injection ceases with cessation of pumping Even after cessation of pumping material will self-inject Up to 13,700 PSI compressive strength


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