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Water Sealant Project The Big Dig, Boston


Although a finished tunnel is a feat of outstanding engineering that can produce awe, as it rejects the seemingly immovable barrier of the landscape by tackling it head on; it represents a process that nearly always encounters difficulties along the way. A tunnel without problems is an exception. Even after a tunnel is finally complete, they often require ongoing maintenance.

The Big Dig in Boston is a tunnel that is infamous for its lengthy timescale, which lasted from the initial conception and planning in the 1970s to its final completion in late 2007. Nearly 5,000 workers were employed on the $15 billion project to replace the outdated six-lane Central Artery, which inconveniently separated down-town Boston from the waterfront with the central tunnel that reconnects the two regions. Increasing congestion as a result of the city’s expanding population was also a major factor that motivated the construction of the new 8 to 10 lane tunnel that then peters out into a 14 lane bridge crossing. An added benefit is that the traffic that was sent underground allowed acres of land over head to be freed up for scenic parks. The extracted soil from the tunnel, known locally as Boston Blue Clay was also used to resurface Spectacle Island, a public park in Boston Harbour, so that the earth was not wasted and instead reworked into an area that can be enjoyed, producing environmentally advantageous results.

As the tunnel was being dug, many unexpected environmental and geological obstacles hampered the workers progress. Much of the area that was excavated already existed as land fill; unusual discoveries shed light upon the history of the land which had lain buried beneath Boston, one of the oldest cities in the U.S. Diggers came across glacial debris, foundations of covered houses and a number of sunken ships.

The high expectation and anticipation of the tunnel’s opening was met with disappointment and countless set backs. The most detrimental being the report of a staggering one thousands leaks throughout the tunnel, which were sourced from the surrounding ground water that seeped into the tunnel which sat 40 feet underground, as well as rainwater that entered through tunnel portals. Many of the leaks were thought to be caused by the failure to remove gravel and other debris before pouring the concrete, leading to further damage-control work having to be undertaken for years to come.

SealGuard played a part in the Big Dig repairs, offering polyurethane grouting water sealants as a failsafe solution. Although we work on mammoth scale projects to seal off large volumes of water, our sealants are versatile and work just as well on smaller areas. Our three options are all that is needed to address a multitude of water leaks, delivering a seal that is fast working and permanently water tight. As urgency often accompanies the fast flow of a water leak, we will ship your order within one business day and in most cases, the same day.


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