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Two Month Long Texas Water Leak Still Awaiting Repair


Parts of Texas are suffering from one of the worst droughts for many years, but conserving water is not an option for those in the city of Garland. In June, a 12-inch pressure release valve burst and sprung a leak, releasing hundreds of thousands of gallons of water into the nearby Garland creek. Two months on in the midst of August, with temperatures regularly reaching above 100 ˚F, repairs on the leak have yet to begin.

According to North Texas Municipal Water District, engineers can’t step in to fix the problem, as it would require the entire city to rely on the reserve supply for up to 48 hours at a time, because the water supply would need to be shut off. This is because the leaking valve is connected to another 60-inch pipe, which supplies Garland and a number of other cities nearby with around half of their water. Shutting the water off for a city with over 200,000 residents could prove a serious problem if the repairs take too long.

When asked about relying on reserves, Denise Hickey of the NTMWD said: "That's a risk we're not willing to take and we need to make sure we get the supplies to our communities."

The NTMWD already has the parts needed to carry out the repairs, but it will be at least another month before work begins. This potential three month delay is not good enough for many residents of Garland and the surrounding areas. Many are calling for urgent action, because of the possibility of their water bills rising significantly due to the wasted water.

SealGuard offers high quality water sealing solutions for a range of different problems. For rapid flowing leaks there’s SealGuard II. SealGuard II is highly reactive dual component hydrophobic polyurethane. Its hydrophobic qualities means it won’t shrink, plus it doesn’t give off any VOCs (volatile organic compounds), so no special breathing apparatuses are required.

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