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Sealing Water Leaks in Geothermal Wells


Geothermal wells tap into the earth’s geothermal energy which is locked deep beneath the earth’s crust in an environment where temperatures soar, perfect for generating a sustainable, clean source of energy that can power homes and businesses.

Geothermal wells grant access to a vast source of replaceable energy which includes heat and steam. This occurs as a result of geothermal reservoirs that lie below the earth’s surface, due to rain water that seeps through porous rock layers to become trapped underneath impermeable rock layers that is then heated by the earth’s furnace like conditions, creating water and steam that reaches boiling temperatures of 100 degrees Celsius. Geothermal reservoirs or geothermal hotspots often show little signs of their presence above the surface and can remain undiscovered. Geysers and hot springs however are obvious indicators of the pressure that is released by a geothermal reservoir underneath.

Geothermal power is cost effective, reliable and sustainable source of energy and is most prevalent near tectonic plate boundaries where the earth’s crust is thinner. Geothermal hotspots are called ‘the ring of fire’ and goes around the edges of the Pacific ocean, usually occurring around tectonic plates and appearing on the surface through volcanoes, geysers and hot springs.

Geothermal wells can be both small and large scale projects, drilled down for energy for a power plant or installed in homes as a source of heat and air conditioning.

Geothermal wells are created by drilling into the earth’s surface and then sinking well rings deep into the hole to stop it collapsing. It is then lined with a cement casing to strengthen and waterproof it. As geothermal wells go deeper they are exposed to more extreme pressures, temperatures and environmental conditions, which can lead to the formation of leaks which are less effective and efficient in terms of the energy it captures. Sealing leaks with a permanent polyurethane grouting solution means that a durable, permanent solution can be applied to the inside of a geothermal well so that it can continue to offer valuable energy.

Geothermal power has the potential to help mitigate global warming by replacing the mammoth amounts of fossil fuel rapidly gobbled up globally each year and is diminishing. The earth’s geothermal resources are able to supply humanity’s energy needs although it is very expensive to do so, which means that the occurrence of leaks is even more of an issue that needs to be stemmed.

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