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Reading Sewer Main Broken Twice in Three Years


For the second time in just three years, a sewer main pipe in Reading, Pennsylvania, has ruptured, causing raw sewage to leak into the nearby Schuylkill River. 69 News reported that workers sent to fix the problem were forced to open an emergency gate, which sent the sewage flowing into the river. Not opening the gate would have eventually caused a backup of sewage into nearby resident’s houses.

The piping in question is located about 50 feet from the river on the west bank. The piping eventually reaches the city’s water treatment plant on Fritz’s Island.

So far, the exact cause of the rupture has yet to be determined, but officials believe it is likely due to the heavy rainfall throughout the month of August, coupled with other factors. Charlie Jones, public works director for the city said: "It is a very wet month of August. More rain than just about any month in history. And then we had the earthquake last week, followed by a hurricane, softening the ground, perhaps weakening the area around the pipe."

The ruptured pipe is thought to be 60 years old, and so the city is funding a $15million renovation of the entire pipeline. Other districts that use the Schuylkill River for their source of drinking water have been informed of the recent events. The necessary measures have been taken and residents of these areas should not be concerned about their drinking water.

SealGuard is a manufacturer of polyurethane grouting, to be used for water control and leak repair. X-Seal, one of the most popular products in the SealGuard range, is a hydrophobic polyurethane sealant, which is perfect for forming a bond between porous surfaces, such as brick, concrete and wood. It is also useful for sealing rubber composite and metal manhole riser rings and manhole covers. It is a brilliant general use sealant that can provide a watertight seal on most porous surfaces.

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