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New Railway Underpass Project Springs a Leak


A new railway underpass was implemented during a huge renewal of a train station in Paraparaumu, New Zealand; however it has had to come to a halt after they sprung a leak. Contractors are working hard to establish were the leak is coming from and have been forced to dye the ground in an attempt to figure out the source of the water leak. The underpass was built during the renovation of the new station. This $3 million restoration was to upgrade the station to provide a better service for the customers and mainly tourists during the winter months which is no longer a feasible goal.

The rebuild and the new underpass became fully operational in November 2010. KiwiRail, the company in charge of the stations big transformation are working hard to try and find the source of the leaks, so that a stop can be put to it before damage is caused. This is a large project for KiwiRail, and as they are a major part of New Zealand’s tourism sector it is essential that the tunnel can be used for the routes they need. There are currently contractors working on the site who have been informed that they will work on that site until they find the source and a way to prevent it. KiwiRail is reluctant to pay for any labour costs until the leaks are found.

The overhaul was meant to be nearly finished in the middle months of April, however now that this problem has occurred they cannot tile the tunnel until it is resolved. The underpass is made up of a concrete floor and the walls made of precast concrete slabs. The slabs are connected by industrial sealant and then a membrane is secured around the precast and seal. It appears that there has been movement around the slabs and some of the packing is cracked, causing the walls to leak. Out of the whole project, the renovation of the underpass has been the most costly as it runs through a water table. The contractors however, are not being blamed for the failure of the underpass, KiwiRail have stressed that they are a good and reputable company.

SealGuard offers world class water sealing solutions. They manufacture and distribute proprietary formulations to end users in wastewater, mining, civil and construction industries. SealGuard provide a small range of highly versatile products that are extremely functional. X-Seal Leak Sealant is a polyurethane sealant and adhesive. It forms a bond between tenacious surfaces and seals the joints between pre-cast concrete sections just like the walls in the underpass. It can be used on almost any porous surface giving a watertight sealing.

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