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New Levee in Iowa Provides Flood Protection for Residents


A new levee is being put in place to protect the town of Hamburg with 1,200 residents in Southwest Iowa, from any flooding that may happen in the near future, with a wall stretching from the river bluff to interstate 29. With the current levee being victim of three leaks it seems that the best solution would be to concentrate all efforts in to producing a new one. The original leak allowed water to gush through it and resulted in the levee collapsing, however when it collapsed, somehow it miraculously sealed itself. The construction workers around this site were baffled by the concept that it had an ability to do this. Whether it was down to sheer luck or divine intervention the problem had been solved.

The success of the levee however was short-lived. A second leak was discovered which then created need for a flash flood warning and an evacuation. Sandbags were brought in to try and slow down the inevitable situation however two days later a third leak was detected. This then had to prompt a warning that the levee was going to finally breach completely. They then set out to build a new levee known as the ‘west ditch’. They are battling every day to keep that levee standing so that the west ditch can be finished and the water will be kept out of Hamburg. If the miracle of the levee sealing itself had not happened then the water would currently be in Hamburg and the possibility of finishing a new one would be no more.

SealGuard manufacture and distribute proprietary formulations to end users in wastewater, mining and civil and construction industries. They provide a small number of highly versatile products rather than a large number of specialised products as this can create more solutions. One of the products SealGuard II has a 1-3 second reaction time and can stop fast flowing water with an excess of 50 gallons per minute in concrete, brick or stone structures. It is essential to be proactive when a leak is spotted, especially when it is threatening residential areas that can cause a substantial amount of damage which can be extremely costly.

The structure of the new levee could keep Hamburg dry, however there always has to be the anticipation of it failing. It does not eliminate the possibility of the town flooding as the security of the west ditch can not be predicted. The town is expecting flooding and if this does occur before the levee is finished, they could be facing feet of water at their back door.

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