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Leak sealing in storm sewer drains


Emergency crews in Pierre and Fort Pierre, South Dakota have been called to carry out works to prevent water entering the city’s storm sewer drain system, following a sustained spell of heavy rain. Water from the Missouri River began entering the system and flooding the streets, sparking the emergency response.

The system is designed to drain water into the river, however with the addition of levees the river water can re-enter the system, which has happened when the unusually excessive rain fell in June.

Specialist workers literally plugged the individual drains within system as a temporary measure to prevent street level flooding, with city officials anxiously looking out for more heavy rainfall to test the embattled system. Further rainfall will require pumping, as the storm drains are effectively out of action.

In Fort Pierre itself there are a total of eighteen storm sewer drains, all of which required sealing during the project.

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