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Improving Lives with New Water Supply in Town Bank, New Jersey


Town Bank located in New Jersey, is a bay shore community in Southern Cape May County. It offers affordable homes near the water which are generally bought by people who have retired from New York and Philadelphia that want to settle down in a calming and pleasant environment. Despite the beautiful location, tranquil setting and affordable prices the houses are very difficult to sell for one reason, the water supply. When people come from the city their water has been provided by a utility, in Town Bank they have to have their own private wells. The wells are often contaminated by natural pollutants making the final sale of homes and villas very difficult, homeowners have to change the way they use a basic necessity and the fact that the water could be dangerous. The potential buyers can fix these problems with water testing and filtration systems, however these people are from modern cities and have become accustomed to it being provided. They don’t want the additional hassle in the move and are put off living in Town Bank.

As a solution to this problem there is a $12 million project that will tie in 3,000 homes to water from the Lower Township Municipal Utilities Authority by 2015. They also hope to tie in the villa sections of Town Bank making it a much more appealing place to be. The project is thought to be the second largest USDA (U.S Department of Agriculture) water project in New Jersey, as the pipes that they are going to implement are estimated to serve 7,600 people, providing them all with a water supply. The aim of this project is to increase property value and remove any problems that may stop potential buyers from settling in the town.

The project will be done in four phases, the first phase is to bring the main transmission lines top the affected areas, where they can then move on to the next phase of bringing lines to individual houses. One of the most beneficial parts of this project is that clean water will be supplied to residents, a water test in 2005 on the wells showed harmful toxins that could be due to the illegal dumping of waste. Issues like these can cause long term detrimental effects on the residents and many health problems in later life.

The four phases include the installation of a 104,000 foot pipe to carry the water through. A well has been dug near Cape May Airport that will supply 1,000 gallons of water per minute and will need to get approval from the Department of Environmental Protection before anything can go ahead. This will improve the health and well-being of all the residents both financially with their homes and for their own personal health. The project will give the residents of Town Bank a better quality of life and is therefore an eagerly anticipated project.

X-Seal and SealGuard II are designed to work with fast flowing water; the pipes that carry the water will need to be sealed correctly at the joints to ensure no water is lot. The sealant is also used to make sure that the water being carried does not get contaminated by other water flowing in to the pipes; it is just as important to ensure no water can get in as well as out. 

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