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Galway’s Fight Against Water Loss


A large-scale water conservation project is to begin next month in Galway, Southern Ireland. The cost of the project is an estimated 800,000 Euros and will be installing water meters throughout the city. This will take between nine and twelve months to complete; it will be good for the city because it will monitor the water usage throughout the city and improve the water management system. The new meters will enable the City Council to have an improved reaction time to extreme weather events and other supply interruptions.

There are high levels of water in Galway that are unaccounted for, there is up to a 50% loss of water and it is important that this is solved. The new water meters will help to asses the usage and see the distribution of water making it easier to determine where this water is going. It will be able to detect water leaks and give repair techniques which will also significantly decrease the amount of lost water.

More than 100 water meters will be put in place to see an effect and in the long term there will be a greater understanding of the network leading to decreased costs as the level of water will stop disappearing. There will not be instant benefits, however over a longer period of time there will be saving costs and better distribution and saving of water resources. With the water meters there will be a reduction from 50% to 20% of the amount of water loss making a vast improvement on the cities water supply.

The project will be done in three different stages, first all the water meters will be installed, secondly the burst pipes and leaks will be identified and these will then need to be fixed and thirdly, the mains that have experienced significant bursts will need to be replaced. Pipes like this can be mended using polyurethane grout and water sealing solutions. At SealGuard Inc, instead of having a large number of specialised products they have 3 products with a variety of uses. HyperFlex is an excellent material for use as a filler in situations where a pipe must be plugged or filled and would be a great solution in this project. 

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