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Florida Sewage Pipe Springs a Leak


A burst sewage pipe in an upmarket area of Hollywood, Florida, has caused over 20 million gallons of sewage to flow into a local canal. The pipe first began leaking last Wednesday morning, on a street just west of Interstate 95. The sewage flowed down the street, eventually reaching the C-10 Canal. The canal flows into the Intracoastal and will ultimately reach the ocean. The leak was finally stopped on Friday, but officials have discovered several hairline cracks in the pipe, which could also burst if not repaired immediately.

City workers are currently cleaning up the neighbourhood surrounding the original leak. They spend most of Friday afternoon on the canal itself, removing debris and dead fish from it. Speaking to the Miami Herald, city spokesperson Raelin Storey spoke of the ongoing clean-up operation: “There’s still a lot of work we have to do. But the positive part is the sewage is no longer going into the canal.” Local residents have been warned not to fish, swim or wade in the canal for their own safety.

Local residents are understandably frustrated with the burst pipe, as the canal is usually a popular local attraction, and it is located right next to the local park. Richard Subbert, who lives on the other side of the park, has spoken of the state of the canal: “I won’t be fishing in there for a while. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to be in there.” He added that the canal looks grey and murky. Some residents have been given accommodation at nearby hotels, due to the unbearable smell.

SealGuard offers high-quality sealing solutions for a wide range of different problems. SealGuard II is one of SealGuard’s most popular products, and is useful for rapid-flowing leaks. It is a dual-component hydrophobic polyurethane sealant. Its hydrophobic qualities mean it won’t shrink, plus it gives off no VOCs (volatile organic compounds), so no special breathing apparatus is required.

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