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Busy Connecticut Bridge Closed by Water Leak


A major water main leak caused flooding on a bridge on Route 34 in Derby, Conneticut, which forced partial closure of the busy road on Friday and Saturday. The James B. Atwater Bridge began to flood during the early afternoon on Friday, and was not reopened until Saturday morning. This meant there was only one lane open in each direction, causing considerable traffic jams heading both ways.

To fix the leak, South Central Connecticut Regional Water Supply had to shut the water off to fifteen local homes on Friday, but this was turned back on later the same day. Local residents who had been affected by this were advised to turn on their taps until the water ran clear. If it stayed murky, they were advised to contact their local public works department.

Speaking to the Valley Independent Sentinel on Friday, SCC Regional Water Supply spokesperson Kate Powell gave her take on the problem: “South Central Connecticut Regional Water Authority crews continue to work to uncover the leaking water main in Derby. Because the location of the failure is in a bridge area, the crews have had to dig through layers of asphalt and concrete to reach the 16-inch diameter pipe.”

All repairs have now been carried out, and the road has been reopened. Traffic has returned to normal. The local hospital and high school experienced some water problems during the leak, but that too has now been rectified.

SealGuard is a manufacturer of polyurethane grouting, to be used for water control and leak repair. X-Seal is a core product in the SealGuard range. It is a hydrophobic polyurethane sealant, which is useful for forming a bond between porous surfaces, like brick, concrete, wood and rubber. It is a fantastic general use sealant that can provide a watertight seal on the majority of porous surfaces.

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