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Burst Pipe Floods Missouri Businesses


A burst water main on Wednesday morning caused a major road in Independence, Missouri, to close, as well as sending a torrent of water into a local business and residential complex. The water forced one business to close due to extensive water damage, and two other businesses and a residential apartment suffered minor damage because of the incident.

The 12-inch water main near 23rd Street burst at approximately 5 a.m. on Wednesday morning. The burst pipe was located under Highway 78, which is a busy state road, so authorities have had to be extra careful when working on the pipe. A smaller pipe, located just north of the main pipe, also burst at the same time. This smaller pipe was quickly found and repaired. Both pipes breakages were blamed on a build up of pressure.

Matt Salamone, owner of Select Physical Therapy, has had to close his business for the foreseeable future because of water damage. He spoke to local news website The Examiner about the damage: “I’d say a third, maybe half, the floor got wet. It’s hard to say when we’ll reopen, possibly next week.”

Work to repair the burst pipe and damaged road is currently underway, but city officials have given no time frame of when they expect the work to be complete. An investigation into other damage caused by the water is also being undertaken, and officials believe that a nearby car park has experienced some damage due to the burst pipe.

SealGuard is a leading manufacturer of polyurethane grouting. SealGuard’s core product range is made up of a number of useful water-sealing solutions. One of SealGuard’s most popular products is SealGuard II. SealGuard II is a highly-reactive hydrophobic polyurethane grout. It only takes three seconds to form a watertight seal, so is perfect for fast-flowing leaks.

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