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Two Alabama Water Leaks Finally Found


Two major water leaks have been found in the main water pipe system of Centreville, Alabama. The leaks, which the City of Centreville Water Department has been searching for all last week, has left almost 900 homes without running water, while 1,900 residents have been told to boil all their water before using it. This is just a precautionary measure, but illustrates the size of the problem. However, the detection of the leaks can allow repair work to finally begin.

According to, the leaks have caused major problems in and around the city. As well as many residents having no running water, three local schools had to delay opening on Thursday because of the leaks. Also, a local campsite that relies heavily on the water system for their toilets and drinking water, have had to rent portable toilets while the leaks are being fixed.

City superintendent Corey Bates spoke of his relief that both leaks had been discovered: "I'm very relieved that there's an end in sight and we're on the road to recovery.” One of the reasons that the leaks were not found for so long was because they were so deep in the wooded areas that surround the city. Both leaks were found a few miles away from the city, and because of the delay in discovering them, over 650,000 gallons of water had been lost from two separate water tanks.

Now that the leaks have been found, repairs can quickly get under way. As of Sunday, only a few short hours after the leaks had been discovered, both tanks that had been affected were beginning to fill up again, while works to fix the leaking pipes were taking place. Centreville workers, with help from workers of other local areas, are currently working round the clock to finish the ongoing repairs.

SealGuard is a manufacturer of polyurethane grouting, to be used for water control and leak repair. X-Seal, one of the core products in the SealGuard range, is a hydrophobic polyurethane sealant, which is useful for forming a bond between porous surfaces, such as brick, concrete, wood and rubber. It is a brilliant general use sealant that can provide a watertight seal on most porous surfaces.

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