SealGuard Inc Polyurethane Grout ISO 9001
Stop Water I&I

"Fast, easy,
permanent repairs"

"Technical support was polite,
fast and accurate"

"SealGuard makes water control simple"
"This stuff works!"

"SealGuard II makes I & I remediation
cost effective, efficient and fast"

"SealGuard staff walked me through my project
step by step until I got the water stopped"

"X-Seal is a huge improvement over the mortar
we used before, it is so much faster and easier"

"We stopped a 50 gpm leak in about
15 minutes, including set up"

Legal, Privacy & Return Policy

SealGuard Inc. does not sell, trade, or rent any information about specific customers to third parties for marketing purposes. This includes Customer account numbers, names, addresses, phone number and email addresses.


SealGuard Inc. will either refund your purchase price or replace any product that does not perform to specification within 2 years of purchase. We do not accept returns of non-defective products or if the product failure is due to user error.

SealGuard IIXSealHyperFlex

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