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15 minutes, including set up"

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Company Information

Company Information

Broken Sewer Lateral

By Chris on 06-15-2017

After a recent pipe lining, a sewer camera discovered that a lateral was leaking groundwater perfusly.  After excavation, it was discovered that a 3" section of the pipe was missing at the connection.  One set of SealGuard II fixed the problem and saved the township from ... Read More

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Tags:   Sewer Lateral Repair 

Now Offering a Complete Line of Injection Equipment

By Chris on 05-19-2017

SealGuard can provide you with everything you need need to fix virtually any water problem, with DESOI Injection Equipment.  DESOI offers a vast selection of grouting pumps, packers, and everything in between.  Please check out to view their product sel... Read More

Category:  Company Information
Tags:   Injection pumps & packers 

Winter Is Here How will SealGuard Products Work

By Teresa on 01-05-2016

It has been a very mild winter in Western Pennsylvania - until today. 2 degrees F this morning. We have had calls in the past about using SealGuard products (SealGuard II, HyperFlex & X-Seal) when it was very cold outside. All of our products were originally used in mining appl... Read More

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Tags:   SealGuardII HyperFlex X-Seal Cold temperature grout sealing 

Leaking Buried Fiberglass Tank

By Bill on 12-16-2015

SealGuard received a call asking if our products would fix a leaking fiberglass tank - in the event you have that question, here is the answer: YES! Instructions below. Note: If the leak has been in place for a long period of time, the leak may have caused a large void to open up un... Read More

Category:  Company Information
Tags:   SealguardII leaking tank  fiberglass  

American Leak Detection 2015

By Teresa on 11-06-2015

SealGuard is attending the American Leak Detection Annual Convention & Expo at the Palmer House in Chicago (November 2015). SealGuard Inc. supports these franchisee owners with their decades of experience in the design & manufacture of polyurethane grouts, allowing them to provi... Read More

Category:  Company Information
Tags:   SealGuard II HyperFlex American Leak Detection Trade show 

ConExpo 2015

By Teresa on 10-19-2015

SealGuard Inc. & Sub-Technical Inc. attend ConExpo 2015, Santiago Chile Travelling South of the border: in conjunction with Duquesne University SBDC (Small Business Development Center) many US companies including SealGuard & Sub-Technical are attending ConExpo October 21-24,... Read More

Category:  Company Information
Tags:   ConExpo SealGuard Sub-Technical  Inc.  


By Teresa on 04-29-2015

On June 1st through the 3rd SealGuard Inc. will be at the PennTec 2015 87th Annual Technical Conference & Exhibit in Lancaster, PA. If you are planning on attending, please stop by booth# 122 & say hello! See our product offering or ask for technical assistance & purchase pr... Read More

Category:  Company Information
Tags:   PennTec 2015 

HyperFlex Repairs Leaking Foundation Wall at Non Profit Youth Center

By Bill on 06-16-2014

HyperFlex Repairs Leaking Foundation Wall at a Non-Profit Youth Center Background: SealGuard was asked by a local Youth Center to look at a leaking exterior wall. The leak was not constant and was evidenced by slight efflorescence as well as some bubbled paint. Water only becomes a p... Read More

Category:  Company Information
Tags:   HyperFlex leaking foundation wall 

HyperFlex Fixes Serious Leak in Partial Natural Swimming Pool

By Bill on 06-10-2014

SealGuard was approached by the general manager of a 3,500 acre game preserve in the center of Texas to provide technical assistance and material to fix a large partially natural swimming pool. It was suffering from both heavy outflow when full and heavy inflow of dirty groundwater during ... Read More

Category:  Company Information
Tags:   HyperFlex Leak Swimming Pool 

SealGuard II Fixes Leaking Damaged Manhole in Monongahela River, Pittsburgh PA

By Bill on 05-01-2014

As a result of an extremely cold, bitter winter here in Western Pennsylvania, ice flowing down the Monongahela River near Pittsburgh struck and partially displaced a pre-cast concrete manhole structure located about 40 feet from the shore.  It is an access point for a sewage intercept... Read More

Category:  Company Information
Tags:   SealGuard II Sub-Technical Inc. 

HyperFlex Used to Fix Underwater Leak

By Bill on 01-26-2012

A new SealGuard customer, a private university in South Carolina, recently used HyperFlex to fix a cracked and leaking concrete pond and fountain. As the water feature was a half-acre in size, draining the pond was not an option. What had happened was that natural ground movement had ... Read More

Category:  Company Information
Tags:   Fix Underwater Leak 

HyperFlex vs. Competing Polyurethane Grout

By Bill on 07-21-2011

HyperFlex vs. Competing Polyurethane Grouts: I am always keeping tabs on what our competition is up to. I recently came upon the following instructions for use regarding a competing product to HyperFlex. I also put the instructions to use a tube of HyperFlex beneath for comparison:... Read More

Category:  Company Information
Tags:   HyperFlex vs Competing Polyurethane Grout 

X-Seal Instructions for Use

By Bill on 05-18-2011

Recently a competitor used the “Instructions for Use for X-Seal” to mislead an engineering consultancy regarding the ability of X-Seal to bond metal manhole frames to concrete risers. I hope that the following Blog entry will serve to clarify both the meaning of my Instructi... Read More

Category:  Company Information
Tags:   X-Seal Instructions For Use 

Where are SealGuard Products Available

By Bill on 04-13-2011

I get asked all the time, where are SealGuard products available? In conjunction with our master wastewater industry distributor Source One Environmental, LLC, SealGuard II, HyperFlex & X-Seal are available throughout the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, Brazil and Argentina. We are... Read More

Category:  Company Information
Tags:   SealGuard Products 

Leaking Basement

By Bill on 04-05-2011

SealGuard II or HyperFlex for a leaking basement: We got a question from Ontario, Canada from a contractor inquiring if SealGuard II would be a good solution to a leaking crack in a poured concrete basement wall. I asked about the flow rate and was told it was minimal but steady flo... Read More

Category:  Company Information
Tags:   HyperFlex 

X-Seal in Cold Weather

By Bill on 01-31-2011

This posting is in response to a question we received recently. A customer told us that he was using X-Seal to join manhole sections together on a very cold morning. He said the X-Seal foamed normally but that the excess foam was very dry and crumbly and did he do something wrong? ... Read More

Category:  Company Information
Tags:   X-Seal Cold Slow 


By Bill on 01-13-2011

Welcome to the SealGuard / Sub-Technical blog. In this blog you will find updates on interesting projects done by our customers or Sub-Technical, SealGuard's parent company, answers to questions of general interest that we receive from customers, application tips or just about anyth... Read More

Category:  Company Information
Tags:   Welcome 

North Shore Connector

By Bill on 01-11-2011

Recently, Sub-Technical was called to grout the area where an under river subway tunnel enters the station in downtown Pittsburgh. Leak volume was about 700 gallons a day and it was running down to the center of the tunnel and pooling, necessitating that it be pumped out, disrupting con... Read More

Category:  Company Information
Tags:   HyperFlex 

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