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Company Information

X-Seal Instructions for Use

By Bill on 05-18-2011

Recently a competitor used the “Instructions for Use for X-Seal” to mislead an engineering consultancy regarding the ability of X-Seal to bond metal manhole frames to concrete risers. I hope that the following Blog entry will serve to clarify both the meaning of my Instructions for Use and also X-Seal’s ability to bond and seal steel to concrete:

The strength of a joint between two concrete sections is as strong as it is due to the porosity of the concrete increasing mechanical key and surface area. X-Seal will expand and be forced into the tiny cracks, fissures and surface irregularities to form an intensely strong, flexible, non-shrinking, and watertight seal. The same is true for other porous materials such as wood, etc. The joint may actually be stronger than the substrate itself. When bonding a non-porous material such as steel, such capillary action is restricted for X-Seal or ANY OTHER polyurethane product. The resulting joint will still be hermetic and watertight. Adhesion will still be quite strong; however, it will not be as strong as a joint between porous surfaces such as wood and concrete. My Instructions for Use state that manufacturers recommendations regarding the use of mechanical fasteners should still be followed. That would obviously mean if the manufacturer did not require such fasteners, they would not be required when using X-Seal.

Additional information, such as technical data, MSDS and application information can be found on our X-Seal page.

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