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Company Information

X-Seal in Cold Weather

By Bill on 01-31-2011

This posting is in response to a question we received recently.

A customer told us that he was using X-Seal to join manhole sections together on a very cold morning. He said the X-Seal foamed normally but that the excess foam was very dry and crumbly and did he do something wrong?

The answer is NO, he did nothing wrong and the physical properties described are normal. Polyurethanes do not like the cold and take an extended period of time to cure in such conditions. Fortunately, short of waiting for warmer weather there are some steps you can take to help the material cure properly. First, take steps to ensure the tubes or bottles of X-Seal are warm. Keep them inside at night and in a warm truck until needed. A disposable hand-warmer can be rubber-banded to the bottles or tube if the material has to be carried some distance. Secondly, do what you can to heat up the substrate using a heat gun or torch both before applying X-Seal and after the parts are joined. Keep the heat source moving because X-Seal, like anything, will eventually burn in the presence of open flame. Following these simple steps can help to make sure that your X-Seal joint properly cures and seals even in cold conditions.

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