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Winter Is Here How will SealGuard Products Work

By Teresa on 01-05-2016

It has been a very mild winter in Western Pennsylvania - until today. 2 degrees F this morning.

We have had calls in the past about using SealGuard products (SealGuard II, HyperFlex & X-Seal) when it was very cold outside. All of our products were originally used in mining applications where the ambient temperatures were about 50 degrees. You CAN use our products in these cold conditions - just keep in mind a few things:

  • The colder the chemical grout the slower the reaction time
  • Keep the chemical grout in your heated vehicle until you are ready to use
  • Most applications are under ground where the ambient temperature is a constant 55 degrees
  • You can warm the tubes if you are working in very cold environments prior to use by submerging in hot water prior to use (make sure they are sealed tightly first)

We are always available for technical advice, just give us a call: 866-625-4550 or browse this website
We also have an applications page: 

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