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A Unique Grouting Setup

By Chris on 02-06-2019

Parent company Sub-Technical, Inc was called in to reinforce a SealGuard customer on a grouting job that became too overwhelming.  Upon arrival, Sub-Technical employees couldn’t help but notice their pumping setup.  After 20 plus years of polyurethane grouting experience, this came across as a first.   What they encountered was an airless paint sprayer turned upside-down, equipped with a 2-liter ginger ale bottle as a hopper, and a worker with a wire to skim out the partially reacted Hyperflex. 

Although this setup did work, it was not very efficient.  Large amounts of Hyperflex and labor hours were wasted. The pump would be rendered useless after one shift due to the Hyperflex reacting inside of it.  To rectify the situation, a “closed” system was created for the customer.  A closed system does not let air into the system, thus doesn’t allow the Hyperflex to react inside the pump.  This makes it usable for many shifts, reduces waste, and is a lot simpler.   

Category:  Company Information
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