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Tunnel Grouting after a TBM

By Chris on 08-27-2019

Tunnel boring with a TBM creates many opportunities for polyurethane grouting.

For instance, the tail seal brushes of a tunnel boring machine are coated with grease to act as a water barrier, as ground water needs to be kept in the front of the machine. Over time the brushes wear out and need to be replaced.  If heavy groundwater is present during the replacement process, large inundations of water flow into the tunnel.  An easy solution is to inject SealGuard II, a fast reacting polyurethane grout in front of the brushes.  The grout provides an appropriate seal without holding up advancement.

After the TBM passes an area, concrete segments are placed in the newly formed tunnel.  The segments interlock and contain rubber gaskets.  However, these gaskets often move creating areas of water infiltration.  Hyperflex, a moisture activated polyurethane grout, can be injected into the problem areas.  The grout will migrate around the segment and seal off the water flow.

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