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Permanent Ventilation Seal Repair using HyperFlex

By Bill on 05-04-2011

Permanent Ventilation Seal Repair using HyperFlex:

Sub-Technical is now in the midst of a large ventilation seal repair project at a coal mine sited in Kentucky. This mine had issues with both methane and water infiltration around their permanent ventilation seals. The problem led to MSHA periodically shutting the mine down due to elevated gas levels. We first drilled the roof, rib, and floor, intersecting the perimeter of the seals about halfway back through the thickness of the seals (in this case about 3 feet). Using our high volume pumps and working out of 55 gallon drums, we injected HyperFlex through extension rods into the joint between the perimeter of the seal and the coal seam. The HyperFlex moves into all the voids and cracks in the area and fills them, eliminating the water and/or gas as an issue. HyperFlex, due to its physical properties, especially flexibility, will not fracture the cleat while still maintaining its seal during normal ground movement and settlement. In this case we averaged about 1000 pound (100 gallons) of HyperFlex for each of the many seals in this project.

Please contact Sub-Technical at 724-625-0008 if you would like to learn more about ways we can help you with leaking ventilation seals.

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