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Shrinking Concrete

By Chris on 11-02-2018

Concrete shrinks.  In this instance, it was allowing an unwanted transfer of water.  When constructed, this corrugated HDPE pipe was encased in concrete to limit erosion and to ensure that no back-flow could occur.  A back-flow valve was also placed inside the pipe.  However, over time, back-flow was occurring.  What had happened was the concrete around the outside of the pipe had shrunk, thus leaving a void the entire length of the pipe. 

The solution was to inject Hyperflex, a single component chemical grout by SealGuard, Inc.  The Hyperflex was injected from the inside of the pipe to fill the void space that the shrinking concrete has created.  Once reacted, the grout created a polyurethane barrier to stop the back-flow.  The Hyperflex was injected by Sub-Technical, Inc. using mechanical injection packers and an electric grout pump. 

Category:  Company Information
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