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CSO (TBM) Tunnel Leak Sealed by Sub-Technical

By Teresa on 01-27-2016

One hour and 55 gallons of chemical grouting & this leak was sealed by chemical grouting company Sub-Technical Inc using polyurethane grouts from SealGuard Inc. 

This video shows the access shaft leading to the CSO (Combined Sewer Overflow) Tunnel that is part of the Storm Water System improvement project located just outside of the city of Columbus Ohio. Water has been infiltrating the structure creating dangerous conditions, not only from the water, but from ice forming in the shaft and work areas.

The owners employed the services of Sub-Technical Inc, experts with over two decades of controlling “Extreme Water Leaks”. Within one hour and 55 gallons of SealGuard proprietary chemical grout, the Sub-Technical team was able to clear the leak, improve the work area safety, and save the project money.
Sub-Technical Inc. provides emergency 24 hour service (all over the US) and can be reached at 724-625-0008. Or visit their website: for more chemical grouting techniques & services.

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