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SealGuard II Fixes Leaking Damaged Manhole in Monongahela River, Pittsburgh PA

By Bill on 05-01-2014

As a result of an extremely cold, bitter winter here in Western Pennsylvania, ice flowing down the Monongahela River near Pittsburgh struck and partially displaced a pre-cast concrete manhole structure located about 40 feet from the shore.  It is an access point for a sewage interceptor located 20 feet below the riverbed. Water was pouring in through the joints of the structure, filling it and rendering it unusable.  The contractor who installed it made several attempts to repair the leaks, without success before Sub-Technical was called in.

Our Co-Owner, Homer Libengood had originally intended to have the water level lowered in the structure so he could inspect the damage and recommend a repair methodology.  However, once he saw the interior of the manhole, he knew he could fix it with the oakum rope and the Sealguard II kit that he always kept in his truck.  30 minutes and a few tube sets of SealGuard II later, the manhole structure was completely dry.

This is yet another example of the simplicity, efficiency and effectiveness of Sub-Technical Inc. and also the SealGuard line of chemical grouting products.  Check out our web sites at (our contracting division) or (our products side)

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