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Rescuing a Turn of the Century Culvert under a New York Rail Line

By Eric on 11-21-2019

As winter approaches, a heavy rain event proved to be “the straw which broke the camel’s back” for this turn of the century block and brick-built tunnel.

Heavy rains recently caused the loosening and partial collapse of the structure internally. Constructed of four row brick and a stone footer wall, parts of the tunnel had begun to collapse due to the weight of saturated soils. A call to Sub-Technical began the process to rehabilitate the structure. Initially the collapsed portions were injected with our PUROCK grout, immensely strong and tough, bonded the main areas of loosening and re-created a monolithic support structure through the 120ft long structure.

Following this, the entire length of the structure was blanket grouted with our HYPERFLEX water control grout, this in addition to the structural repair filled all voided and soft areas while waterproofing the entire structure for future protection. As a final act Sub-Technical also treated the mouth of the sinkhole which developed at the surface with our soils conditioning grout, to secure and rehabilitate it.

Finally, a structurally sound, water proof culvert, which will still be standing securely in a further one hundred years, thanks to the expertise and materials from Sub-Technical Inc.

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