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15 minutes, including set up"

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Company Information

North Shore Connector

By Bill on 01-11-2011

Recently, Sub-Technical was called to grout the area where an under river subway tunnel enters the station in downtown Pittsburgh. Leak volume was about 700 gallons a day and it was running down to the center of the tunnel and pooling, necessitating that it be pumped out, disrupting continuing construction. We selected HyperFlex pre-catalyzed single component polyurethane grout to seal the leaking areas. Our technicians drilled 5/8 inch holes at an angle that intersected the joint at a depth of 12-18 inches and inserted 5/8" by 12" packers into the holes, (which were spaced 24-36 inches apart) using a Graco President Pump we injected Hyperflex stopping when either the pump pressurized or we had a show of material at the surface of the crack. Hyperflex foams quickly when injected under pressure and quickly slowed the flow of water to a trickle. One thing a lot of people don't realize is that under conditions like that, HyperFlex can continue reacting for hours or even days depending on pressure and ground conditions. It is because of this that all water flow had stopped by the following morning when we came back to collect our equipment.

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