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Company Information

Leaking Basement

By Bill on 04-05-2011

SealGuard II or HyperFlex for a leaking basement:

We got a question from Ontario, Canada from a contractor inquiring if SealGuard II would be a good solution to a leaking crack in a poured concrete basement wall. I asked about the flow rate and was told it was minimal but steady flow; mostly after a big rain storm. After hearing this I recommended he try HyperFlex tubes rather than SealGuard II, using our standard crack injection technique plus a little burlap chinking in the face of the crack. In slower flowing or weeping cracks, HyperFlex is a better solution as its slower reaction time allows it to penetrate and expand into the finest cracks in the leak path. SealGuard II, with its 1 to 3 second reaction time, is designed for high flow leaks in excess of 60 gallons per minute; it expands and cures very quickly in the leak path, choking off flow without washing out. In this case HyperFlex is a more cost effective and efficient way to stop water infiltration in a concrete foundation wall.

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