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Company Information

HyperFlex vs. Competing Polyurethane Grout

By Bill on 07-21-2011

HyperFlex vs. Competing Polyurethane Grouts:

I am always keeping tabs on what our competition is up to. I recently came upon the following instructions for use regarding a competing product to HyperFlex. I also put the instructions to use a tube of HyperFlex beneath for comparison:


1. Wear safety glasses and gloves
2. Shake cartridge vigorously before using.
3. Remove the small red cap.
4. Insert the dasher rod to the first stop, about ½ inch.
5. Screw into threads. Do not over tighten.
6. Remove tape band from cartridge.
7. Pull dasher rod straight up. This separates the dasher from the foil barrier.
8. Squeeze the cartridge at the previously taped area to slightly deform the foil.
9. Push the dasher all the way to the bottom of the cartridge.
10. Mix for 50-75 strokes while turning the cartridge clockwise, keeping pressure on the large red cap.
11. Push the dasher rod all the way to the end and unscrew and remove.
12. Screw nozzle to threaded neck
13. Remove large red end cap and insert in cartridge gun.



1. Wear safety glasses and gloves.
2. Remove small red cap and screw in nozzle.
3. Place in caulking gun and inject.

I leave it up to the reader to decide which is easiest.

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