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HyperFlex Used to Fix Underwater Leak

By Bill on 01-26-2012

A new SealGuard customer, a private university in South Carolina, recently used HyperFlex to fix a cracked and leaking concrete pond and fountain.
As the water feature was a half-acre in size, draining the pond was not an option. What had happened was that natural ground movement had caused the concrete and tile shell of the pond to crack and then leak. Our customer used food color released over the crack to determine areas where the water was being drawn through. HyperFlex was then released over the crack, allowing the water to draw it down.
Once HyperFlex begins to react, it is normal to see reacted urethane rising to the surface in clumps as well as a very thin sheen of polyurethane floating on the surface of the water. This is not harmful and can easily be scooped off and disposed of in the regular garbage.
After allowing the HyperFlex to cure, re-check the crack with food coloring to see if there are any other areas that still draw water. Repeat the application of HyperFlex until the leak subsides.
As always, check our website or call if you have questions about this or any other application of SealGuard products.

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