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Company Information

HyperFlex Repairs Leaking Foundation Wall at Non Profit Youth Center

By Bill on 06-16-2014

HyperFlex Repairs Leaking Foundation Wall at a Non-Profit Youth Center


SealGuard was asked by a local Youth Center to look at a leaking exterior wall. The leak was not constant and was evidenced by slight efflorescence as well as some bubbled paint. Water only becomes a problem when the combination of heavy rain and high winds cause rain to hit the side of the building.

The Project:

An examination of the exterior of this 40 to 50 year old building showed that the sidewalk in front of the building next to the leaking area had settled and had a negative grade toward the building. In addition, the concrete walkway had pulled away, allowing water to be held up against the building then percolating down and through cracks into the stairway wall.

Project Methodology

In this case it was decided that the best approach was to allow water to do the dirty work to carry the HyperFlex into the leak path. We simply applied HyperFlex out of a caulk tube very liberally to the gap between the building and the sidewalk then washed it down through the cracks using a garden sprayer. The HyperFlex washed down into any cracks or voids that could transmit water, filling and sealing them. Once cured, the excess was scraped away.

The Youth Center’s leak problems are over!

See more before & after pictures & the entire case study here

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