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HyperFlex Fixes Serious Leak in Partial Natural Swimming Pool

By Bill on 06-10-2014

SealGuard was approached by the general manager of a 3,500 acre game preserve in the center of Texas to provide technical assistance and material to fix a large partially natural swimming pool. It was suffering from both heavy outflow when full and heavy inflow of dirty groundwater during torrential rain events. (There is an old saying in Texas: “We get 24” of rain per year and you should be here the day we get it”)

The pool was constructed by first, damming an inlet on a man-made lake (or tank as it is called in Texas) then excavating down to bedrock at around 16 feet. Approximately 12” of gunnite was then applied to the walls of this  man-made swimming hole, which is 90 feet long and approximately 40 feet wide. Over time 2 basic factors conspired to cause ever worsening leaks, to the point where the pool was unusable. The first factor was the gunnite walls. Gunnite, like all cementitous products, is somewhat hydrophilic, meaning that it will shrink over time as it cures and dry out. In this case, the walls pulled up and away from the floor, leaving a sizable gap for water egress and ingress. This led to the loss of thousands of gallons per day when full and allowed large amounts of fine, silty clay to enter the pool in high rain events. It also caused significant voids behind the wall which we discovered when drilling our injection holes.

Using HyperFlex we were able to fix the pool.

You can see the entire process along with photos on our Applicatons page under CASE STUDIES  or here: " HyperFlex Fixes Serious Leak in Partial Natural Swimming Pool"  Check it out!

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