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Fukushima Power Plant

By Bill on 04-07-2011

Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant:

How did they stop the gushing water at the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan?

As most everyone knows, the earthquake in Japan led to major damage to the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power plant near Tokyo. One problem in particular that had been on the news was the wall of a containment vessel had been breached and was spewing radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean. Finally, on April 4, engineers were able to stem the flow of water using a Sodium Silicate material, also known as water-glass. Sodium Silicates are very strong, non-expansive resins that were most likely applied from the inside of the containment vessel and drawn through the breach in the wall. Thankfully the water has stopped polluting the bay. However, despite the high strength of Sodium Silicates, they are also quite brittle in situations where the substrate can move, at times shattering like glass. This could be of concern in the event of another tremor nearby before a permanent repair can be made. A repair with an expansive, more flexible material such as urethane may have offered enough elongational movement to withstand additional movement within the wall.

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