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Curtain Grouting with Lances

By Chris on 11-05-2019

In many situations, controlling water infiltration from inside the structure is not an option.  These concrete waste tanks were allowing groundwater to enter, creating a substantial expense for the treatment plant.  The solution was to curtain grout the exterior walls of the structures with polyurethane.  Curtain grouting consists of using injection lances to penetrate the soil in order to get the grout to the desired depth.  Hyperflex, the polyurethane grout used, is NSF approved and reacts (foams) with the presence of moisture.  Hyperflex will migrate into the fractures of the structure to seal off the infiltration in addition to creating a foam barrier.  32,000 gallons per day of freshwater was saved from being treated with sewage on this job.


Category:  Company Information
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