SealGuard Inc Polyurethane Grout ISO 9001
Stop Water I&I

"Fast, easy,
permanent repairs"

"Technical support was polite,
fast and accurate"

"SealGuard makes water control simple"
"This stuff works!"

"SealGuard II makes I & I remediation
cost effective, efficient and fast"

"SealGuard staff walked me through my project
step by step until I got the water stopped"

"X-Seal is a huge improvement over the mortar
we used before, it is so much faster and easier"

"We stopped a 50 gpm leak in about
15 minutes, including set up"

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Water Sealing Blog - Page: 6

X-Seal in Cold Weather

By Bill on 01-31-2011

This posting is in response to a question we received recently. A customer told us that he was using X-Seal to j... Read More


By Bill on 01-13-2011

Welcome to the SealGuard / Sub-Technical blog. In this blog you will find updates on interesting projects done by our... Read More

North Shore Connector

By Bill on 01-11-2011

Recently, Sub-Technical was called to grout the area where an under river subway tunnel enters the station in downtow... Read More

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